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Friday, September 28, 2007

Dog Training Command - Communicating With Your Dog

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Dog training command is to speed up training results from home. You have to teach your dog to do it the right way and it is the importance of drive and temperament. If you do it the right way then it is like having a whole new dog! But enough of his type of this highlighting. Lets take a look deeper into the training.

Training is about communicating with your dog. Train your pet to stay will help in numerous situations - often combined with the "sit" command that is shown in this article. Train your dog to obey commands is an important part of pet ownership. You have to take it seriously.You have to be the Boss of your dog like an alpha dog. You have to understand that a dog is an animal. The dog has to follow you not you the dog.

The dog training command you give your dog must be short, clear and defined, as well as well articulated avoiding words that end the same way which would end up just confusing the dog. And that is not what we want. The dog should understand what you want to tell him.

Here is an example for a dog training command in this point the command "Sit". While facing the dog with either hand extended and palm faced upward, flip up the fingers with a quick wrist motion.This command tell your dog to be in sitting position. Sit and Stay are used in conjunction with many other commands.

Teaching these dog training command will help you to take control over the dog, although there must always be a cordial communication between you and your dog so that the "the best friend" does not feel afraid and turn into some type of "robot" that does not show or get affection. I think it is not very reachable to have an robot dog. A natural dog is much better and you have more fun with your dog. But anyway, the dog has to understand your commands.

Owners often make the mistake of showing their dog that it is acceptable not to come back to them if he is busy sniffing and exploring the environment. That is not acceptable. The dog will think that it is okay to leave home without you. It could be very dangerous for you, your dog and other people around. The dog could bie someone or get into an accident or something.

Dog training command is essential in taking charge of your dog and becoming the leader of the dog or even you have more than one dog. Enrolling your dog in a training class or train him at home is a vital part for your dog's education. Training at home is very common, so you have to educate yourself too. Some more free Training for your dog tips here. You and your dog have to enjoy the training. Then you will have a lot of fun with him.

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