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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Obedience Training and Your Pit Bull Terrier: Dog Training Techniques

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It is important that anyone who is thinking about becoming the owner of a Pit Bull learn about the breed before making the final decision. Pit Bulls need owners that can provide them with lots of love and attention, and keep doing it forever. They need to be trained well in order for them to make a great pet. Pit Bulls have a lot of energy and can be very headstrong, but with the proper training learn to deal with this and become very loving, devoted pets to their owners. One thing that makes training Pit Bulls easier is that in general, they are a highly intelligent breed of dog, and tend to catch on quick.

When training your Pit Bull, it is important to remember that they can be very stubborn and hard to deal with at times. You have to keep in mind that your Pit Bull has a mind of its own, and that it may not always behave as you would like him to. Owners have to be patient when this happens, and try very get annoyed with their pet. Training tends to go smoother when started at an early age, many recommend beginning when the puppy is around eight weeks old for best results. At any age, you will have better results if you make training fun, and keep a positive attitude toward your pet.

You should make socialization a big part of your daily training routine. This helps the Pit Bull learn to control his aggression when around people and other dogs. If you can sign your Pit Bull up for training classes, he will also get socialization with other dogs while he is learning other things.

Expect a battle for supremacy with your pit at around thirteen to sixteen weeks of age. He will start to see how far he can push you, and will really start pushing his limits to see how far he can go. This is the time that he may also begin to try to bite or nibble on you during play. It is very important that you assert that you are the owner during this time, so that he knows who is boss and learns to respect that.

When owners devote time and effort into properly training their pits, in the end they will have very friendly dogs that love their family very much. Pit Bulls love to be around people and be the center of attention, and with the right owners are great pets. Just remember that when training you pit, it is necessary to be strong and stay consistent.

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