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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Best Dog Training Program For A Happier Dog

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While adopting a dog is great fun, you have to remember that it also means a lot of responsibilities added to your life. Once you are a dog owner, you have to ensure that your pet has got everything he needs: good care, a safe environment, and everything that will make him healthy and happy. Caring for a dog is a big step to take, but your reward is a loving companion and a lively home environment with a lot of fun.

To provide your dog with a good life, and to ensure that he is safe at all times, the first step you have to take is to see that he is trained properly. Strangely enough, many people fail to carry out this important task; then they are left wondering why the dog will not listen to his commands or jumps up on visitors. Many a pet dog who has been labeled a “bad” dog, actually needed his owner to train him properly and give him the time necessary to carry out this task.

A well trained dog will have some really amusing tricks to show off, but more importantly, it will add to his safety. In case he is getting into a dangerous situation, you obedience training will be crucial and you will be able to call him back to safety to your side. He will be well behaved at all times around visitors and family members, an obedient companion to cherish. Moreover, the training process will establish you as the master, and create a strong bond between you and your pet. You can either train your dog yourself, or you can join a training class, and get instructed by professionals.

Part of your responsibility will be to see that your dog has excellent veterinary care. There should be yearly physical exams and vaccinations updated. You have to put him on the right flea, tick and heartworm medications. If any change in his behavior is noticeable, make a vet appointment right away; the smallest change in his mood, habits, eating or elimination pattern has to be checked out by the vet.

You have to ensure that there are no places around where your dog can fall or get stuck in, and there should be no sharp objects like pins or nails lying around. Family members have to take care not to leave the door open for your dog to run out on to the street. Never give him food like chocolates, which can be harmful, even deadly.

Grooming your dog is important for his health. His coat has to be brushed regularly, his nails trimmed, and his eyes and ears have to be cleaned. Proper dental care is important as well; his teeth should be brushed every other day, to keep his mouth clean and give him fresh breath!

You should also have a plan so that your dog is taken care of in an emergency, like a fire. There has to be a responsible person to get him out of the house in such a situation.

With good and loving care, some dogs live into their teens. Although this is a pretty long commitment, the rewards are great.

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