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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Schutzhund Dog Training - 3 Crucial Schutzhund Dog Training Tips

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When you are looking for training tips for your schutzhund dog, you need to do this from when he’s a puppy. Training your schutzhund dog may seem like a hard task… but this is not true. If you train them from when they are a puppy and train them properly… it’s not hard at all! So in other words.. it’s all in how you approach the training of your schutzhund dog that makes the difference.

What I’d like to present you with in this article, is 3 crucial tips you need to keep in mind whenever you are training your schutzhund dog. Here it goes:

Schutzhund dog training tip nr. 1: Never lose your eyes off your puppy. Make sure he doesn’t do things like:

- chew on things. This is something they do when they are still young and if you don’t keep an eye on it and let them have their way in it… it’ll be hard to teach them differently - Never let him use the bathroom in the house. - Make sure you can take your schutzhund dog out for a walk whenever he or she needs to go out for a walk. A schutzhund dog is just like human’s… they eat, drink and… hey, they shit, too. You need to make sure you train them in such a way that they’ll never do their needs inside

If you cannot be there all the time for your schutzhund to give him some good dog training… looking for a quality kennel is strongly advised!

Schutzhund dog training tip nr. 2: Let your schutzhund dog wear and drag a leash all the time during his training in his puppy years. And tie it to a door or a chair so you can supervise them whenever you are busy. Buy a 5 or 6 foot, nylon web leash and let him drag it around when he is still a puppy

Schutzhund dog training tip nr. 3: Don’t be shy… touch them. Touch them everywhere, check their teeths and pick them up so they get used to be touched by a vet, caretaker, kids and grown ups.

Training your schutzhund dog takes time and care. If you do it wrong… you can raise a vicious little bastard. But if you do it right… you’ll have a companion for life which will do everything for you and for the people in your environment.

Schutzhund dog training is not hard… but make sure you do it right straight from the start. If you aren’t sure how to approach the training of your schutzhund dog… find a good trainer near you!

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