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Monday, September 3, 2007

Dog Training Collar Will Help to Improve Dog Behavior

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There are different ways to train your pet dog, the most commonly used method is through dog collar. These gears are commonly used for barking, imprisonment or general way of behaving. Each and every dog training collar is created by keeping mind the different type of behavior which is made by the dog. For instance, in terms of barking, a small box can be constructed in the collar which will give the dog some amount of electric current whenever he barks.

However, the shock which is given to the pet should be of very low intensity as it should not end-up hurting the dog. It is used so that the pet understands that he is doing something which is not acceptable. On the other hand, confinement training along with the help of invisible fencing, you will be able to provide shock to the dog if it passes the border line. It is advisable to keep the dog training collar on the dog and the wire should be hidden under the ground and lower level of electricity should be used for fencing.

Sophisticated way of training: Dog Training collar Whenever, the fencing is done underground then it is better to keep some indicators so that the dog is able to recognize the border and understands that if it is crossed it will produce electronic shock. Within a few days the dog will be able to understand the location of the border. Once the dog gets aware about it, you may turn off the electric supply. You might be thinking that the invisible fencing is not possible as you are staying in an apartment, but you don't have to worry as one more dog training collar is available which can be controlled through a remote, it relays the signal to the collar which can shock the dog, only if the behavior of the dog is not acceptable.

When you take your pet for a walk without a stick and it happens that the pet is not willing to stay within the limits then you can give a light shock which will make the pet realize that they are doing something which is not accepted. You can also use this dog training collar for dog behavioral training such as jumping on anyone who enters the door, relieving itself indoors, excessive barking, etc. Whenever the pet does something wrong the electric shock will help it to realize the mistake and they can get back to the track. You should not use the remote for fun; you should also not allow the kids to use the remote control. If you unnecessarily use the remote then it may result in the pet getting hurt. The dog training collar should be used with care.

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