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Monday, August 20, 2007

Dog Behavior Training Don'ts - What Not to Do With Your Dog

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Dog Behavior Training

Over the years I have seen my clients commit numerous dog training atrocities. Okay, I too have committed my fair share. So let me share the benefit of having seen some dog training mistakes that I have seen time and time again so that you can avoid them. Here are some dog training don’ts.

• Don’t yell at your dog. Too many dog owners seem to feel that the degree in which a voice is raised is directly in proportion to the level of dog obedience. This is not true. In fact it is my experience that the opposite is true. The more you raise your voice at your dog the more you condition your dog to listen only when you are yelling. What happens then when you aren’t yelling? Better to never get in the habit.

• Don’t forget what you have learned. Apply dog training principles across the board. Too many times a dog owner will learn a new technique for a dog training behavior and will apply it dutifully during ‘training time’. But after training time, during ‘TV time’ or ‘cooking in the kitchen time’ that same principle gets swept under the rug. What does your dog learn? He learns that he needs to be obedient only during ‘training time’ and every other time is open season.

• Don’t go too fast. Good dog training is done at the speed of dog. It takes a dog much longer to form an association than it does a human. You have to understand that that your rate of teaching your dog should be slow and steady.

• Don’t get frustrated. There will surely be times in your dog behavior training that you aren’t going to like how things are going. If this happens, stop the training session right away. Your frustration can cause you to want to force the issue and end up taking two steps backward with your progress.

• Don’t forget to praise your dog. Dog behavior training should be fun for both you and your dog. Give your dog plenty of praise for performing correct behaviors. Dog behavior training by nature is oppressive; you are asking your dog to submit his will to yours. This can create stress. Praise is a great way to alleviate that stress. A stress-free dog learns quicker and has more fun.

• Don’t be lazy. How many times have I been to a client’s home after a weeks absence only to hear, “After that first day we really didn’t work on his training too much.” Owning a dog is a big time responsibility with dog behavior training being one of those major commitments. If you are going to own a dog, invest time in training.

• Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. With dog behavior training you will fail and you will succeed. Focus more on your successes and less on your failures to be able to have repeated and lasting success.

Author Ty Brown is a renowned dog trainer whose training adventures and clients have taken him to 18 states and 5 countries to teach others how to properly train their dogs. Go to for more dog training articles, advice, tips, and answers from a professional dog trainer.

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