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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dog Training - Basics of Dog Training

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Dog training is all about communication. A calm, firm and authoritative voice is most effective while training a dog. It is a process of teaching a dog so that dog displays certain behavior in some specific conditions. Trainers generally teach basic obedience commands and lessons to perform tricks or circus acts.

Rescue dogs are the best source to find victims of disaster. Behaviors taught to a dog in each and every case are different but the principles are similar. Normally dog training starts right from the birth of a dog. Owners of dogs give regular training during first eight weeks of dog’s life. Puppies are fearful about new things and are unable to get all instructions.

Generally puppies start learning all tricks and commands in the age of 8 to 12 weeks. It is an easy task to teach basic commands, like sit, to young dogs. Dog training is the best way to make best relationship between dogs and humans. It also provides entertainment and can easily reduce boredom problems.

You should work hard to understand your dog’s behavior. You should try to maintain close bond with your pit so that he can easily learn your body language. Try to spend some time to understand your dog as well as his communication habits.

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